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We’re passionate about bicycles. We believe that bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities’ complex problems. Bikes are great for your personal health and for the health of our environment. Bikes can help you save money on transportation, and bikes can provide you with endless miles of fun with your family and friends.

We proudly serve all types of cyclists, including new and veteran riders, road and mountain aficionados, and recreation and transportation cyclists. Whether you prefer to shop on our website or to come visit us, we’re here to help you with all of your cycling needs. Learn more about what makes us unique, and visit us today to meet our friendly staff and experience our incredible product selection.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown (Owner)

Mike has seen many sides of the bike industry by working as a corporate product rep, tour guide, and now a small business owner. Since opening Tacoma Bike in 2011, his commitment to his customers has been unparalleled. He is known for ensuring that everyone who comes through the door gets what they need to fit their goals and budget, not what will make the shop a quick buck.

As of the summer of 2019, Mike became the owner and operator of Erickson Cycle Tours. After planning routes and leading tours across Europe for years, he took over the business from the renowned frame-builder and guide Glenn Erickson. Mike leads multiple trips each summer, focusing on the cycling journey rather than a glorified shopping spree on two wheels. The trips take you along some of the most famous roads in the world, as well as a few that you haven’t heard of yet. You can learn more about Erickson Cycling Tours at

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